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The Word Unleashed is the teaching ministry of Tom Pennington, Pastor-Teacher of Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, Texas. The Word Unleashed content is taken from Tom’s pulpit ministry at Countryside Bible Church from 2003 to present.

The Word Unleashed Service Logo pictured here is our official trademark. Its use is reserved for official publications or other products of The Word Unleashed and Countryside Bible Church, Southlake, Texas. Use of the logo without prior written approval is prohibited.


We want to maximize your flexibility in sharing the messages while simultaneously maintaining quality control and connecting people with our ministry. The following stipulations govern the content of for questions of usage, copyright, and permissions. Please partner together with us by observing the following guidelines:

You may duplicate and distribute only full-length versions of the messages.

You may duplicate and distribute Tom’s messages without prior permission, as long as you follow the policies outlined below. You may not edit the content in any way.

You may not charge for the material (even to recoup your costs).

You may link to messages at The Word Unleashed web site, but you may not post them on your own website.

If you copy material to a digital storage device, please include the following information:

  • The title of the message
  • Copyright [fill in the year of the message] by Tom Pennington
  • Used by permission from The Word Unleashed

You may not include personal or organizational contact information on any digital storage device.

The Word Unleashed and Tom Pennington reserve all copyright protections under applicable law. We reserve the right to revoke or modify these permissions at any time.

Website – General Guidelines

We are happy to allow you permission to use content from The Word Unleashed web site, under the following guidelines:

  • Provide the content for free
  • Make no changes to the content
  • Credit the content to Tom Pennington or The Word Unleashed
  • Cite the copyright information (e.g. Copyright 2016, The Word Unleashed. All rights reserved. Used by permission.)
  • Cite the source by providing the Web address (

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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