Watch Your Mouth

James 3:1-12

It can bring down presidents and kings. It captivates hearts and minds, calms a girl's cry, and can set a room on fire. It's been compared to a ship's rudder, keeping it on course or running it onto a beach. At its worst, it defiles the whole body. At its best, it lifts high praise to God.

The tongue is a powerful instrument.

The words you use reveal the validity of your faith and carry great consequences. Ever said something that you immediately regretted, longing to pull it back in before it went any farther? What does the Bible say about controlling the tongue, and more importantly, what are the blessings in doing so?

In Watch Your Mouth, Tom Pennington shows five reasons why you should watch your words, being mindful of their impact on others and yourself. You'll realize the glorious alternative that life in the Spirit can yield, helping you change your speech habits in order to give glory to God and grace to others.