Riches to Rags

Philippians 2:5-8

It was believed the Messiah might arrive in fire, revealed in a dazzling vision of heavenly glory. Others believed they would see a military commander, marching into Jerusalem, vanquishing the people from their ongoing oppression.

As history showed, both assumptions were proven false. Who would have imagined that Almighty God - Messiah - would come into the world as a baby, grow up in a backwoods town, and suffer scorn and ridicule? Why would the true God lower himself to become everything that we are, except without sin?

In his series entitled Riches to Rags, Tom Pennington shows the deep humility of Jesus, by showing you where He started and how far down He came to save his people. You'll see the incredible journey of the savior, and how it's a vivid example for those who would follow. Tom looks at the profound implications of what this teaching means for you, and how it impacts your life. You'll reflect on just how far Christ descended, from Heaven to Earth, just for you. It's a tale of riches to rags.