The Return of the King

Matthew 2:1-12

It's the time of year when you celebrate the first advent of Jesus Christ. In a very real sense, that's true. But in another sense, it was His return. The return of the King. After all, it was Jesus there at creation. He walked in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. He appeared to Abraham, to Moses, and others. Throughout the Old Testament, Jesus Christ appears as a shadowy mysterious figure called "the Angel of the LORD." It was His glory that overshadowed the Holy of Holies. It was His glory that Isaiah saw in the temple. He is the Second Person of the Trinity who appeared to the prophets.

And yet, the announcement of Christ's birth was made to Herod by a most unlikely group of men. An unusual, enigmatic group called "Magi," or as it is in some translations, "wise men." Who were they, and when did they come to see Him? How did they know that a King had been born?

In his two-part series The Return of the King, Tom Pennington describes the "wise men" in a way you may have never considered before. What is your response - Do you seek the King of Kings?